Salta Vacation Packages

Lying on the Lerma Valley, Salta is the capital city of the province. It is one of the most fertile and agreeable province formed by nature in this region, about 1187 meters, at the foot of the hills on Feb. 20 and St. Bernard.

The climate in Salta has a moderate summer and a dry and warm winter with an average of 22 º C, making it ideal all year round to take a Vacation Package to Salta.

Salta Vacation Packages

Vacation Packages in Salta

Thanks to The Aybal Airport, located 9 km from the city through the National Road No. 51, Salta has air service to the cities of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Tucumán, Jujuy, Iguazu and Mendoza. Another path is through the Provincial Route N º 9 or National Route No. 34 that will allow you to take a vacation package to Salta by bus.

Vacation Packages to Salta

Information about Vacation Packages in Salta

The Hispanic architecture of the city stands out from other cities. Their houses, streets, ancient monuments and narrow sidewalks surrounded in mountains nearby have got a colonial spirit of the moment of its foundation.

Salta Vacation Packages

The tourist circuit of Salta consists of a walk through its numerous statues, the San Francisco Church, the Cathedral and the historical and anthropological museums.

Outside Salta city there are different excursions that emphasize the Train to the Clouds, a train journey that goes through the clouds as it crosses the Andes at 4,220 m.
Vacation packages in Salta certainly involve the tasting of the delicious empanadas from Salta which are world renowned.

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