Tango Festival by the Wine Road 2015

Wine route mendoza

Tango Festival by the Wine Road 2015, will be held at various venues in the province of Mendoza, between 17 and 27 September. The exchange will take place on the ground floor of the Ministry of Culture, located in Spain and Gutierrez Street, City, from Tuesday, September 15, from 9 to 13 and 15-18; and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 13, while supply lasts.
The entrances to the cellars and other spaces are redeemed at the rate of two (2) tickets for a box of milk powder 800g, intended to benefit the child nutrition program Rotalac Rotary Club Mendoza. Tickets to Independence Theater, Cinema Imperial Theater and Cultural Space Le Parc will cost 50 pesos and can be purchased at the respective boletarías.
In its eighth year, the Tango Festival for the Wine Route invites concert Mendoza and tourists to enjoy music and dance, our best wines, wineries, landscapes, theaters, cinemas, bars, food, milongas, dance classes, seminars Samples of art, design fair, tributes and more.
Tango by Caminos del Vino 2015 will be dedicated to honor one local national figure. Nationwide will highlight the figure and work of Carlos Gardel, upon completion of 80 years of his tragic death. At the local level it is to rescue the work of Luis Astrudillo Orchestra, who with his music contributed to the development of our cultural identity and gender 2 × 4 in the region of Cuyo.
The Festival coincides with holidays for the independence of our neighboring country Chile, making it a major tourist attraction, inserting it in the national calendar.
Finally, note the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, through mis Amores Tango program and the National Plan for the Promotion of Tango, as tributes to shows and milongas, municipalities, private warehouses and locations , who bear all the costs of action within their respective spaces.
Mendoza reopens its doors to a festival that combines Tango and Wine of the province, with a united purpose.

This great artistic and tourist deployment is a task carried out jointly Secretariats of Culture and Tourism and Bodegas de Argentina, joined in turn, with a solidarity purpose, to the Food Bank.

This artistic cultural product has established itself in Mendoza and cross the borders of our country thanks to the excellence of the artists, the landscapes and the exquisite wines offered by this Cuyo province.

The organizers emphasize the importance of the Food Bank to collect and distribute a commodity for the nutrition of children. Achieve this objective may be exchanged for two (2) tickets for a box of powdered milk. Those interested can purchase tickets starting Monday, September 13th at the Ministry of Tourism, San Martin Ciudady in 1143 of Tourist Information Centres of the departments where concerts are held.

The first weekend wineries such as La Rural, Kaikén, Clos de los Siete, Los Andes, Bianchi and Norton, offer the best of 2×4. While 25 and 26 will be the turn of the Salentein, St. Hubert Fournier Pharaoh and wineries.

They integrate the artistic programming Enzo Lucca, Antimony, Milonga La Pipistrella, Maria Stella Gutiérrez, Colectivo Tango, Patricia Cangemi and Juan Emilio Cucciarelli, Trio No Fueye, Tango 2×4, Males Lito Alvarez and -Contrapunto Quiroga, among others.
Thus the government of the province, next to Bodegas de Argentina, Banco food, artists and participating wineries bet for cultures of wine and tango come together again in Mendoza and thus provide a unique appeal. A combination of traditions from a stunning and joined the expressiveness of a traditional musical natural scenery, captivate audiences.

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