Villa La Angostura the best tourist destinations in Latin America

The Argentine destination took the 20th place among the best in Latin America and the fourth in the country.

In recent days Villa La Angostura was awarded the Travelers Choice 2017 Awards by the most famous travelers network. The Argentine destination took the 20th place among the best in Latin America and the fourth in the country.
The news was enthusiastically received by the tourist industry of Patagonia. And not for less: the influence of this type of mentions coming from the largest network of travelers in the world, is increasing when it comes to choosing places. The power of the criticisms, qualifications and photos that the same members of the network go up, are taken as an obligatory reference by both national and international travelers.
The basis of the credibility of these distinctions originates from the way in which they are granted. Featured places are selected by an algorithm that takes into account the quantity and quality of comments and ratings of hotels, restaurants and attractions of destination. Among the descriptions made by those who passed through Villa La Angostura can be read: “the perfect getaway in Patagonia“, “a dream with foggy forests” and “a real kingdom of fairies”. These are just some of the comments that reflect the impact that the city usually has on those who visit it for the first time.


Historic and attractive
The name of Villa la Angostura comes from the geography that can be observed in this imposing frame, the small union of the coastal area with the Peninsula, through the Isthmus of Quetrihue; In which is the entrance to the National Park Los Arrayanes.
This area is one of the main attractions, not only because of the spectacular scenery, but also because it is the Founding Area of ​​Villa la Angostura.
To get there: Departing from the Tourist Information Center, on Nahuel Huapi Avenue going approx. 3 Km. (40 minutes walk), you will be up to the port area.
In the National Parks office, next to Bahía Mansa dock is a tourist information booth.
In this area there are also tourist services such as gastronomy, bicycle rental, canoes and boats.


It can be visited all year round. From the Center of Reports taking to the right by Boulevard Nahuel Huapi, transiting approximately 2000 mts you will arrive to the Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption, from where, when turning to the right, and crossing 500 mts you access the Laguna Verde, also known as “Sad Forest”.

This is a natural reserve where you can see different shrub and tree species representative of this area of ​​the mountain range: cypresses, coihues, blue hawthorn, palmerilla, etc. A path borders the lagoon and allows walking on foot. A curiosity of the place is the presence of the “Arrayán del Amor”, formed by the union of a cypress and an Arrayán.


When entering the isthmus of Quetrihue, 100mts of the access, the road forks to the right where a stepped path begins that leads to the mirador “Arrayán”.
From there, the panoramic view of Lake Nahuel Huapi, which exhibits from this point, its arms: Machete, Rincon and Ultima Esperanza; The Brava Bay, the Fray Menéndez Island and the spectacular Andes Mountain Range.

Continuing along the path on the left is the second viewpoint “Messidor”, which offers a privileged view of the Mansa Bay, and you can also see the residence El Messidor.


The only arboreal tree array in the world that can be visited, is located at the southern end of the Quetrihue Peninsula, within the Los Arrayanes National Park.

This Forest exhibits specimens of up to 25 meters, whose average age is between 160 and 250 years; With copies reaching 600 years.

Out of the ordinary, this tree, due to its cinnamon-like appearance, the softness and temperature of its bark, generate in those who contemplate it, a sensation that gives a unique added value to this route.

To get to the Forest, you first have to get to the port area and from there, you can start from the Isthmus by walking 12km, where you can see native species of the Patagonian Andean Forest, the hull of an old estancia, and The Patagua lagoon on the way.


The island is under the administration of national parks, and has developed all the recreational activity in the central area. There you will find the National Inn Isla Victoria, gastronomic services and different paths of interpretation of flora.

To visit the island it is recommended to consult in the reporting stations regarding the vessels that are operating.


This picturesque neighborhood is 7km from “El Cruce”, on RN 231, in the direction of Bariloche. It is one of the neighborhoods in which it registers the highest concentration of accommodation. The architecture harmonizes with the spectacular views offered by the Bay of Manzano.

The layout of its streets, the leafy grove, and the harmony between the exquisite Andean architecture and the landscape, invite you to travel it by foot or by car. The Peninsula has on both sides, small sand beach that is interspersed with rock formations distributed along its perimeter. To keep in mind: The beaches that look east receive the sun in the morning, while those that are on the west side, do it in the afternoon.


3 Km. From the junction, on the left hand side of the national route. 231 (in the direction of Bariloche) is born the provincial route 66 that leads to the Ski Center Boutique and Mountain Club Cerro Bayo, in whose 6 km route, three vantage points are located that offer splendid panoramic views of Villa la Angostura.

At the entrance to Route 66, on the right hand side is an adventure center, open all year round, where you can practice rappelling, climbing, Tyrolese, rent fourtrax, and snowshoeing. It also has adventure activities for children


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