Argentina Northwest:

This corridor of the Northwest of Argentina includes the provinces of Jujuy, Salta, Catamarca, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero and west of Chaco and Formosa. It displays the great diversity that surrounds the north of Argentina: Rainforests, Yungas valleys, ravines and the Puna, the mythical plateau, interspersed with pre-Columbian cultures that characterize the región of Northwest.

Argentina Northwest

Known worldwide for its magnificent scenery and the people that seem frozen in time, these places give travelers the chance to go back to the days of Spanish colonization. The architecture of those times is still preserved in the buildings of several of its cities like Salta, San Salvador de Jujuy or San Miguel de Tucuman among other cities of the Northwest.

Tours as the Train to the Clouds present the Puna with strong contrasts against the eternal snows of the Andes. The Humahuaca ravine, surrounded by colorful mountains and cactus-covered slopes, offers tourists unforgettable moments of contemplation of the Northwest region.

Northwest Argentina

Tapestries, woven in fine linen, wool ponchos sheep, llama or alpaca, articles of jewelry and basketry plant fibers are some of the handicrafts that are available in the area of the Northwest.

Another attraction of singular beauty and color are the festivities, which are performed pagan rituals to Pacha Mama – “Mother Earth” – with delicious regional dishes.

Argentina Northwest

The thermal waters of Rio Hondo, with its healing powers of international relevance, complete the tourist offer in the region of Northwest.

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