Jujuy Vacation Packages

Located south of Jujuy, in the Temperate Valleys region, is the capital of the province of Jujuy and one of the basic circuits to start exploring it. San Salvador de Jujuy has an international airport a few miles from downtown and several accesses from the road.

Summer is hot at midday and early afternoon, in winter maximum temperatures hover around 20 ° C but the nights are cold with records below 0 ° C. The best season to take a Vacation Package to Jujuy is spring.

Jujuy Vacation Packages

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A modern process of expansion made San Salvador de Jujuy grow beyond the slopes of the hills and this led to the recent unification of the old buildings with colonial-era buildings.
In all sites Jujuy is named as “Tacita de Plata” due to its geography that has got the form of a silver cup. Jujuy is often referred for its Hispanic reminiscent and we can find the Cathedral Basilica, in the heart of the city with Spanish and colonial style.

This region has mountains, green plains, rivers, dreamed lakes, color full landscapes and climates that make pleasant visitor to develop vacation packages including activities such as trekking, contemplative tourism, photographic safaris and cultural tourism.

Vacation Packages Jujuy

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Among the highlights that can be visited from San Salvador de Jujuy we can find the Termas de Reyes, Laguna Yala and the town of White River, just 7 miles from where the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of White River and Paypaya , patron of the province and revered since the seventeenth century.

Jujuy Vacation Packages

To scroll through the valleys of Jujuy is important to always have on hand a hat to cover from sunlight, comfortable clothing, bathing suit and fishing pole to try the luck in some of the accounts lake surrounding the sector. All in all a great vacation package is waiting for you in Jujuy.

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