Argentina vacation packages are preferred and accessible

Argentina, preferred and accessible for many tourists abroad to take a vacation package

The capital of Argentina is the favorite destination of tourists visiting Latin America and one of the least expensive cities in the region, according to studies by private consultants who are located in Buenos Aires at the top of the chosen and well below others in the region terms of their rates.

Argentina Vacation packages

In the first case, the Annual Global Cities Index Target details that made ​​by Mastercard Buenos Aires is positioned on San Pablo, Mexico City, Lima, Bogota, San Jose, Costa Rica, Santa Domingo, Caracas and Quito.

The report also mentions that there was an increase of over 7 percent in the number of international tourists who visited the major cities of Latin America and the Caribbean so far this year, projecting upward.

As for the ranking of prices for items of incidence in the pocket of tourist, the U.S. consulting firm Mercer located in Buenos Aires as much more accessible than Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Bogota, Santiago de Chile, Havana, Montevideo and Lima to take a vacation package in Argentina.

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