5 Great places to visit In Argentina

Argentina is one place not mentioned many times in the tourism world. However, those who have visited the country can attest to the great places you must visit. The country has exotic wildlife, dropping sceneries, old colonial town and exotic and local cuisines. For those planning to visit the country, they can choose from a variety of places. Here are the 5 great places to visit in Argentina on your holiday.
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Mar del Plata in Argentina

The place was once a great retreat for the country’s aristocracy. But today, Mar del Plata is the top beach city in the country. The site sits on the Atlantic coast in Buenos Aires. Every year, millions of local tourists visit the place to mingle and have a great beach experience. It has sandy beaches with lovely people in different cultures. The place overcrowds during the summer and on weekends. However, the other seasons can be the perfect timing because many people avoid this place.

Cordoba in Argentina
Cordoba is an excellent place not to miss in Argentina. It is the second biggest city. The unique thing about this city is the plain mountains and valleys that surround it. The other thing why you have to visit here is the Spanish architectural buildings such as monuments, churches and historical places located in the city center. In Cordoba, you can visit the Mosque, the Gardens of Alcazar. You can also visit the Roman Bridge, the La juderia and Medina Azahara.

Beagle Channel in Argentina
The channel is located in the Southern parts. In fact it is a straight in Tierra Del Fuergo. The channel is one among the three passages you can navigate in South America. This channel offers you a good opportunity to travel with boats for better views. While here, you come across attractions such as sea lion colonies, isla de pajaros and los Lobos.

Bariloche in Argentina
It is a village in Argentina, but it closely resembles one in Switzerland. It comes with chocolate shops and Swiss designs. It includes snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes. It is an ideal gateway to unique landscapes that give visitors the best outdoor adventures.

The Iguazu Falls in Argentina
The site is located in the North East parts, in Misiones province and near Brazil. If you visit this place, make your way here. It is one of the biggest falls in the country making it the best water experience. The falls is a collection of 275 cascades, lining almost 2,7kilometsr. Iguazu falls are named a UNESCO heritage site. It is a protected rainforest zone. When you visit this site, the first thing you get is the water noise and the sheer drops of 80 meters of rushing water. There are several walking trails that allow people to travel by foot thus getting a good experience. Besides, these trails allow you to pass through the national park. There are two circuits for visitors, the lower circuit that allows the better view of the falls. The Upper circuit is half a mile and you take one hour to reach the place.

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