Argentina will host the World Games for Transplanted Athletes

The competition will take place in Mar del Plata in 2015. The country was imposed on Japan and Germany, becoming the first Latin American country which will host this activity.

Argentina’s bid, defended Tuesday by an entourage of athletes grouped ADETRA (Transplant Sports Association of Argentina) in the South African town of Durban, was supported organizations in Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru and Mexico. The INPROTUR support was critical to Mar del Plata managed to establish itself as the venue for the competition.
The World Cup, held last year in Gothenburg, Sweden, and next year will be held in Durban, South Africa, is organized every two years by the World Transplant Games Federation (WTGF) aim to promote the donation of organs, tissues and cells throughout the world.
“It’s a very big emotion that Argentina will host the World Games, representing the time when people come together transplanted to thank everyone and spread the importance of organ donation,” said Rodolfo Wetzel, ADETRA president, and part of the delegation that traveled to South Africa.
Rodolfo addition, the group consisted of Valerie Wetzel, of ADETRA, Walter Espinosa and Wernicke’s INCUCAI Rosario, Pablo Fernandez, head of the Municipal Tourism Entity Mar del Plata (EMTUR), Gustavo Berta, Assistant Secretary of Sports of the Nation and Daniel Flores, Associate Director CUCAIBA (the body organ procurement Buenos Aires).

On hearing the news, the health minister, Juan Manzur, expressed his “pride” by choosing Argentina to bring together athletes from around the world “in a meeting that shows that after a transplant is possible to have a full life and active. ”
He added that “this is also a great appreciation for the work that as a nation we have been developing over the years regarding organ donation and transplantation, and commits us to redouble our efforts to continue in this way.”
Carlos Soratti, INCUCAI president warned that “this will be very beneficial to our country for the region and the national system of organ donation and transplantation.”

Currently, the games call for some 1200 athletes from 50 nations competing in 13 different sports among which include athletics, swimming, table tennis, badminton, bowling, cycling and volleyball.
“We are delighted to have achieved this for the city, which is not only a sporting event, but is linked to a very important message to the entire society of the assessment and promotion of transplantation,” said director Telam Ente Municipal de Turismo de Mar del Plata, Pablo Fernandez.
He explained that in addition, “these kinds of events positioned to Mar del Plata in the world but mainly generate and maintain jobs for the Mar del Plata”.
In 1995 Argentina World Cup in England sent four athletes to heart transplantation became the first Latin American country to participate in these competitions.
A year later he organized the first Argentine to Transplant Games which enrolled more than 200 people from different provinces and, after this experience, was formed ADETRA. In recent games, conducted in Sweden in June 2011, the delegation of Argentina with 31 athletes won 47 medals: 21 gold, 15 silver and 11 bronze medals, finishing in seventh place in the overall medal.

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