The winter vacations in Argentina has started: what are Goggling the Argentines before traveling?

19/07/2012 Google, in conjunction with TNS and IAB conducted a study that accounts for the growing importance of online resources for planning a “getaway”. What are the frequently asked questions and the most preferred destinations in Argentina to take a vacation package.

Winter break, and the many “breaks” allowed by the generous number of holidays throughout the year, are excellent profit opportunities that Argentines to travel around the country taking a vacation package.
The online tools are becoming increasingly important in the planning process of these mini-trips.
From the hotel selection and comparison of housing prices to take advantage of the many offers online, through the possibility of knowing what will the weather at the time, are some of the possibilities for users to literally “to the extent of his hand “on the web.
A study by TNS revealed Google IAB and data about the top searches of Argentines to vacation this winter.

Argentina Vacation Packages in winter

“Vacation packages and local destinations”
One of the data showed the report has to do with the latest trends in online travel planning in Argentina.
In this regard, the document revealed that currently “are favored shorter vacations in destinations local to long trips abroad.”
The study also noted that today “more than 80% of Argentines seeking information connected online before purchasing a flight, reserve a hotel or buy a package tour in Argentina.”
And this year, particularly using the Internet for organizing vacations, grew exponentially.
In fact, “so far in 2012, the travel search grew 20% over the same period last year (January-June),” said the report.

Plan “breaks” from the cell to travel around Argentina

In addition to browsing from computers, this year also became important information searches from the phone.
In this sense, the study found that “10 million phones in the country (24%), mobile phones can also take center stage.”
In fact, the document added, “the 29% of smartphone users in Argentina looking for travel information.”

Mendoza Vacation Packages

How do holidays in Argentina influence in the planning?

Another factor which he said the study, affects the online planning a vacation is the large number of holidays this year.
At this point, the document explained that “the timetable announced in 2011 also changed the conduct of research and planning Argentines.”
He added that “while in 2010, 69% of the searches analyzed responded to the label ‘National’ and 31% to the classification of ‘International’ in 2011, the percentage of domestic searches was 73% and international down to 27 %. ”
About what will happen this year, the report explained, “Since there was no change in the official calendar, is expected to continue this trend in 2012 accompanied by an increase in searches for the category.”

The destinations of choice for Argentina vacation packages:

As to what are the places that Argentines prefer to visit at this time, the study indicated that “this winter, snow, mountains and some sand are the setting they have in mind when researching and planning” .
He added that “searches on the Internet beginning in early May, and up until it reaches its peak in mid-July. This means that people start planning your holiday after Easter, but during the season is when you make more research about tickets, accommodation and other tourism services. ”

But what are the main tourist destinations for Argentines?

On this point, the document noted that “the searches reflect a strong interest in domestic destinations and, in particular ski resorts.”
He added that the local tourist destinations favored are
• Mendoza.
• Iguazu Falls
• Córdoba.
• Mar del Plata.
• Salta
• Bariloche.
• Tandil.

Also some places abroad are visited in this time of year especially, Miami y Punta Cana.
On the other hand, the report noted that “among the ski resorts, the list is headed by Las Lenas, followed by Chapelco, Cerro Catedral, Cerro Bayo Cerro Castor and”.

What “Google” those who stay at home?
As for those who will not travel on these dates, the study explained that “those who stay in their homes are also looking for ways to enjoy the holidays.”
In this regard, he noted: “The entertainment category is growing, especially for boys rubro’espectáculos’ which reached its peak in the third week of July.”

The report also noted that in the last 30 days shows the highest growth in searches were:
• Circus Servian.
• Favio Posca.
• Les Luthiers.
• Disney on Ice.

In film, he added, feature films are:
• Prometheus.
• Madagascar 3.
• Dark shadows.

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