Reasons to visit Buenos Aires


The list of reasons to visit Buenos Aires is extensive. So, get ready to dazzle you, go, thrill and fun in one of the most attractive cities in Latin America, elected in 2015 as the best tourist destination in South America by the Travellers’ Choice Awards, awarded by the travel site TripAdvisor. We present good reason to know.

Free Attractions

Not only is there plenty of places of architectural, historical and cultural interest to know as you walk by Buenos Aires and green spaces for walking, but the city also offers activities such as guided tours and circuits, which allow you to discover a Buenos Aires full of secrets, emotions and stories, absolutely free! Guided tours of neighborhoods and landmark buildings, Running circuits BA, and BA Urban Trekking Remo, among other visits.

Cooking for all tastes

-the Result porteña the traditional cuisine of the contribution of Italian, and Spanish immigrants can be tasted in every corner of Buenos Aires and especially in the gastronomic centers of the city, in Palermo, Las Cañitas, Recoleta, San Telmo and Puerto Madero. Above all, visit the city can be a good opportunity to test the typical Argentine barbecue, made with the best quality meat. In addition, you can discover the different flavors of the world, offering a wide and interesting variety of places to try the typical cuisine of other countries.We you can hear the proposals of fairs and organic markets, as BA Market and others.

Sustainable City

Buenos Aires is lined with smart cities on the planet and seeks to improve the quality of life of those who live there and visit with innovations in urban design and promoting a healthier life, among other things. It has extensive landscaped parks, squares and green spaces so you can enjoy nature, sports, fresh air and relax outdoors. In addition, you can move around the city by bike and bike paths joining guided bike around the city.

Intense Boca-River

Football is a passion that shares most of the Argentines. If you travel to Buenos Aires while the local football championship is played, you can be lucky enough to attend one of the most exciting sporting events: the Super Classic. This is the football game in which the two most popular clubs in Argentina, Boca and River are facing, and that the observer and TheSun British newspapers described as “the most intense sporting experience the world.”

Gardel, Piazzolla and Tango

Sensual and nostalgic tango is part of the identity porteña.Para those who dare to dance the tango milongas -places ciudadtiene spread over the different districts dance and also has numerous tango houses with live orchestras and dancers. Recognized as the world capital of tango, Buenos Aires had among its most renowned interpreters musicians Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla.

More than 300 theaters

Its very wide range of shows makes Buenos Aires in the city with the most intense theatrical activity in Latin America and the fourth most theaters worldwide. Among its more than 300 theaters is the Colón, one of the most important opera theaters in the world, symbol, for a century, opera, ballet and the performing arts.

Go shopping

The shopping trips are one of the favorite activities of visitors to the city. If you want to do is go shopping, Buenos Aires is not going to disappoint. There premier shopping malls and commercial circuits fashion and design, as the area of Palermo Soho, Santa Fe Avenue and the Florida Street. And for those looking for opportunities to lower prices, areas outlets are an excellent choice in Cordoba Avenue or street Aguirre.

 The Buenos Aires night

Buenos Aires does not sleep. In its intense nightlife, no shortage of restaurants, bars and discos to have fun and meet new people. Palermo, San Telmo and Puerto Madero are some of the neighborhoods that offer this type of activity. This nightlife also makes the city one of the most popular in South America for the international LGBT community destinations.

Pope Francisco

The city is a unique and privileged place to connect with the life and work of Pope Francisco or “Pope of Flowers”, as they call it in his native neighborhood. Buenos Aires offers a Papal Tour by the most significant places of his life, walking the neighborhoods of Flores, Monserrat and Balvanera. You can also visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, where he celebrated Mass for more than 20 years.

Sentite at home

Diversa, extreme, cozy, Buenos Aires is an excellent host, welcoming people from around the world and makes them feel at home. Its people, its attractions, its food, its music is the result of all the people who visit and become a cosmopolitan city and at the same time cercana.En Buenos Aires, you will live a thousand cities in a city.

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