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Winneries in Mendoza, Argentina

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The wine route offers a journey through various geographies and magnificent scenery. This is an adventure full of flavors open to all tastes and preferences. Below we describe in this blog an overview of the main Argentine wineries where you can enjoy their tasting.

Mendoza Wineries:

Mendoza Wineries were recently added to the Global Wine Capitals, along with Bordeaux in France, San Francisco, California, Cape Town, South Africa, Porto, in Portugal, Florence, Italy, Rioja and Bilbao, Spain, and Melbourne, Australia. This makes it a key destination for those who are drawn to the wine routes. Besides the beauty of the vineyards framed by the Andes Mountains, claims the fact that wineries in Mendoza are increasingly prepared to welcome visitors, show the whole process of winemaking, taste, eat and stay with comfort until recently unimaginable.

Red wine varieties in Mendoza: Bonarda, Syrah, Greco Nero, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Bequignol, Merlot, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese.
Red White varieties in Mendoza: Pedro Gimenez, Chenin, Torrontes, Chadornnay, Ugni Blanc, Semillon, Tocai Friulano.

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Winery Regions in Mendoza:

Central Valley
This area has the largest area of vineyards in Mendoza and counted on with one of the major restructuring of its grapes and wineries to producing high quality wines.
Some wineries: The Grapes of Agricultural and Medrano.

Center – West
Located a few kilometers from the city of Mendoza, this region contains a large number of wineries open to tourism and a large number of museums and historical sites.
Some wineries: Escorihuela, Santa Ana, Viña El Cerno, Lopez, Trapiche, La Rural, Villa Flinchman, Stone Cross, Dolium, Chandon, Etchart, Norton, Cabrini, Viniterra, Lagarde, Viña Amalia, Alfredo Catena, Domaine Vistalba, Luigi Bosca – Leoncio Arizu, The Agricultural and Small Bodega Nieto Senetiner.

Valle de Uco
In recent years the area has seen the introduction of a large area of vineyards on the part of the most important wineries in Argentina and also many foreign investors (French, Italian, Spanish, American, Dutch and Chile, among others).
Some wineries: Salentein, Lurton and Fapes.

South of Mendoza:

San Rafael has numerous wineries, some of great tradition, ideal for tasting wines and sparkling wines of recognized quality. It is the second most important region after the Mid – West.
Some wineries: Balbi, Bianchi, Suter, Jean Rivier, Barral and Roca, and Goyenechea Lavaque.

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