Iruya Salta

Iruya SaltaIt is 2780 m . Above sea level , at a distance of 307 km. From Salta capital. To access this site, you must go through the province of Jujuy, touring the National Route No. 9, at 26 km. De Humahuaca is the capital of the crossroads , where we read ” Iruya 26 Km ” . Visiting Argentina gives you the information you need to organize your trip .

Following the right path , you will reach the Iturbe ( FCNGB ) Province of Jujuy, 8 km distant station . said junction . From there always dirt road , we reach the place called ” OPEN THE CONDOR ” to 4000 m . above sea level , limit the Province of Salta and Jujuy.

In the Abra del Condor begins the descent 1220 m . In 19 Km ( Open to Iruya distance ) . Throughout these 19 Km , the visitor is immersed in the most unusual variety of colors , ranging from rustic to purple or violet , through yellow and metallic blue. The mountain , along with broken , gives sight, whimsical and strange shapes that are blurred in the bed of Colanzulí River, which runs the road vera .

On the hills that crosses the road, and as part of the landscape , are the herds of llamas, sheep and goats. Arriving at Iruya, the first impression is that this is a people ” hanging on the mountain” , or rather , of an island, which is surrounded by Colazulí ( Iruya ) and Milmahuasi rivers.

Here , people , costumes, customs and homes have maintained their tradition over 250 years. The village retains its narrow, cobbled streets with house bricks , stones and straw.

The road ends for automobile traffic , but a mule can take a trip into the apartment, where the hilly landscape is presented in all its magnitude and aggressiveness . Following the bed of that ply the interior streams of different shapes and colors are appreciated. The flagstone in some sections has retaining walls forming the river. In addition , breaking the impotence of the landscape, are small arable areas, with alfalfa and poplar .

Iruya addition to the spectacular scenery can learn more accessible nearby towns, has a lot of communities , to which very little tourists and others who are totally virgin arrives. These towns have a culture almost intact , with the Kolla people with his usual attire , each fulfilling their daily work in the fields and at home ; with crops, livestock , handicrafts and all their daily routines.

Additionally you can have a lot of attractions , towns with almost no pre-Columbian culture have changed much , reliefs ranging from the highlands to jungle , passing through narrow and very beautiful valleys .

Patronal feast in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary in Iruya

The first weekend of October every year in Iruya, the patronal feast of the birth is celebrated , in which visiting countless people who arrive every year to honor Our Lady of the Rosary . On the eve of the festival come from different towns nearby producers and traders to provide spaces for shopping local products. Mass with the first procession of the Virgin with the accompaniment of the many religious images coming from inland communities and tireless worship Cachis then held while the priest and the people sing the alleluia.

Also a night procession is celebrated with lots of fireworks and a new worship cachis , the horns are permanent , the flute and the box with the ringing of bells is made to end the traditional procession culminates Halloween Luminaria Fiesta.Y the end of the great serenade to the Virgin , which involved local artists representing the culture of the place and invited artists and those who come to honor the Virgin .

Since the last day at dawn bomb salvos sound , heralding the start of the holiday, and a first Mass in the morning . By midmorning, the solemn mass , which brings together hundreds of pilgrims and promesantes . At the end of Mass, the bishop headed by the parish priest, a long procession through all the people, under the constant and uninterrupted worship cachis.

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