Metallica in Antarctica

Metallica Antarctica

Metallica in Antarctica

There are many groups who want to have on your list of places extravagant concerts and this time METALLICA ALL WE LET ICE.

The event will be sponsored by Coca -Cola Zero . So , finally , may be awarded Metallica have played in the Marambio Base.

The news was confirmed on the October 9 and to everyone’s surprise , Lars Ulrich and co. will play no more and no less than against Marambio Base in Antarctica . There are still finalizing details, but the show The Big M at the end of the world will be broadcast via streaming worldwide.

The band thrash metal icon and one of the largest in history announced that the December 8 this year will be doing something that no band has done before. Metallica will defy any kind of physical and musical border when they give a show against Marambio Base in Antarctica . Yes, you read that right . In Antarctica . The resonant event was confirmed today and will be broadcast via streaming worldwide. Who had already made ​​some progress in a recent radio interview was Lars Ulrich , the drummer historical , who said : ” there is another point in the direction of Metallica that pierce the border in December.” The world anxiously awaited what would be the novelty but no one would speculate that this really was.

In a new interview with The Quietus , Lars said : “I think there is an announcement on October 8. But that’s why I stay down, I’ve been a bit caught up in the film. I found myself saying to one of his colleagues before, there is an Iron Maiden album called “The Final Frontier ” . So I’ll borrow it from my interview an hour ago , and say : ” My idea is the Iron Maiden album ” The Final Frontier “. There you go. ”

Meanwhile, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo are full at the premiere of “Through The Never”, a film that mixes images of a live show with the story of Trip, a boy who must perform a mission for a Metallica show. The film was directed by Nimrod Antal and will be released in 3D. It premiered on September 17 in U.S. cinemas and we are awaiting confirmation in theaters in our country. In addition , The Big M launched on 24 September with the film a live album with the soundtrack of “Through The Never”. It is a double album comprised of a total of 16 songs that were recorded for a show held at the Edmonton and Rogers Arena in Vancouver.

Totally bewildered by this announcement so important, all we ask is please do not get caught under the ice , as the title of one of the songs from the historic album ” Ride The Lightning” …

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