Tango Festival in Buenos Aires

tangoFrom 14 to August 27, 2013, Buenos Aires tango dresses with Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World Cup 2013, which is a classic Argentine and this year will take place mainly in the Exhibition Centre and The Art Plant . In December 2009, the Tango was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by decision of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee.

Tango Buenos Aires offers the world “The Festival and Dance World”, one of the greatest tango events of international significance, during which thousands of couples and audiences around the world come to Buenos Aires to participate and experience this event every year during the month of August.

The major annual event of the tango, which convened its 2012 edition 500,000, will feature more than 2000 artists and performers who star concerts, dance performances, dance competition, instruction, dances, meetings and parties. All with free admission.

tango02This year there will be two meeting places: the Expo Centre on Avenida Figueroa Alcorta and Pueyrredón, and Plant Art in the legendary district of La Boca, with multiple spaces operating at full. The acoustics of the Auditorium privileged Usina programming will be seen on a concert without amplification, and the activity was extended to the brand new Chamber Hall, the Microcine and Hall Mayor of the building for classes and milongas. Furthermore Theatre May 25 Villa Urquiza and Centennial Park Amphitheater join again as decentralization spaces. The stadium Luna Park will again host the Big Dance World Finals.

The big opening party will be on Wednesday August 14 at the Exhibition Centre and will have to Sexteto Mayor in the center stage, celebrating its 40th anniversary with guests from anthology: Adriana Varela, Raul Lavie, Gloria and Eduardo and others. It will be the starting signal for a new edition of the biggest annual gathering of tango tradition enshrined, promotes innovation and fosters generational and interdisciplinary meeting. Here coincide emerging artists, the historical references and a multitude of fans of the genre and dance fans.

Some of the prominent sections of Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World Cup are:

Special Productions

tango0Each year, Tango Buenos Aires plant devotes a section to the special projects and meetings unpublished meant to shine at the Festival but also to transcend it, claiming continuity in time, founding new repertoires and recovering historical heritage. Since 2008, more than fifty Special Productions have had a commitment to composers, performers, researchers, collectors and specialists.

In the 2013 edition, the section Special Productions is headed by a tribute to a key figure in Argentina music: for the first time in Buenos Aires and Tango Suite listen to Big Band Postangos Gerardo Gandini (released in Germany in 2003) with Ernesto Jodos the piano.

A special program consists of two premieres exposes the talent and thought orchestral composers of the new generation: Double Concerto for violin and bandoneon player Daniel Ruggiero and a bandoneon against Nicolas Guerschberg strings.

The crosses with audiovisual languages ​​and new technologies applied to the sound and image are central Tanguero Experimental Laboratory, which starts at Usina of Art.

As a historical event highlights Creole Piana, a concert that includes folk-inspired new works of the great Sebastian Piana, performed by Popi Spatocco. In the same line of work recovery, the presentation is part of Alfredo Gobbi arrangements for piano solo by Cristian Asato. Two other productions focus on the legacy of the golden age of the genre: Troilus Composer-with the new elite of bandoneon, convened by Gabriel Soria, and The Arrangers of Anibal Troilo. These and other Special Productions will be recorded live and edited.

Special Fueye

OrquestaSound ubiquitous in the Festival, as a column of different formations, the bandoneon stars, this year, a solo section that blends great bandoneon section of Buenos Aires, Corrientes, Paris and Stockholm. Virtuosos of different latitudes and generations. New repertoires

The new production of contemporary composers occupies a central place in each edition of Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World Cup. The emergence of personal language, dialogue between styles and influences reworking realize, in the repertoires of the century, the vitality of a genre that continues to expand boundaries.

In continued

A series of small intimate concerts with the flaming drink formats Chamber Hall of the Art Plant in marathon sessions:

Round singers. With the coordination and presentation of Cucuza Castiello, gather voices of different generations and styles. Guillermo Fernández, Osvaldo Peredo and Walter “Chino”

Dance Shows

TangoThe essence of the room, re-writing and performing traditions exploring new interdisciplinary crossings converge on a schedule of shows of tango dancing that goes all the arch styles and languages.

Festivals and Milongas

The tracks are filled with tango dancers in the festival headquarters. Classic Recordings 40, a selected live orchestras, new forms and musical fusions, DJ and VJ encourage traditional milongas, electronic and experimental.

Dance classes

tango01The World Festival and is a unique opportunity to meet the most significant names Salon Tango and Stage Tango. Legends of several generations pass on their technique and style secrets: Milena Plebs, Sebastian Arce, Maria Nieves, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega, Lorena Pey Ermocida and Pancho Rodriguez, Claudio Gonzalez and Melina Bruffman, Graciela Gonzalez , among others. The conference danced “Myths and truths of the tango dance” by Laura Falcoff will address the matter with rigor and humor.

Dance World

Hundreds of couples from around the world will participate in the annual competition. The various instances of qualifiers and semi-finals will be held at the Exhibition Centre. The final two categories Salon Tango and Stage Tango will be held at the legendary Estadio Luna Park on Monday 26 and Tuesday August 27 respectively. On the night of the Final of Tango Salon, also act guitarist Luis Salinas and the Company “Corporation Tangos”. While in the Final Stage Tango before the consecration of the champions of dance, Adriana Varela will be presented and there will be a tribute to Miguel Angel Zotto for his career.


All activities and performances of Tango Buenos Aires Festival and World are free.

To Exhibition Center, Centennial Park Amphitheatre and the open activities of the Plant of Art, the entry will be on a first come basis until capacity of the place.

For the shows in the Auditorium and the Chamber Hall of the Plant of Art, the CCC Teatro 25 de Mayo and the Luna Park stadium prior entries to be removed. 2 entries may be removed at most per person for each role.

Tickets for the Finals of the categories Tango and Stage Tango Track to be held in the Luna Park Stadium 26 and August 27 respectively will be delivered on Monday, August 19 at 11 am at the Exhibition Centre Ticketing up exhaust the capacity of 10 thousand seats.

For scheduled concerts in the Auditorium and in the Chamber Hall of the Art Plant tickets will be given two hours before each performance at the Information Desk located in the lobby of the resort.

Tickets for the shows at the Theatre CCC will retire May 25 after 17 hours of the day of the performance in the Reports Point located in the lobby of the theater.

See you!

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