Reasons to visit Buenos Aires

Buenos AiresThere are many reasons why Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in Latin America, but here we present only some of the reasons why you should take a tour to Buenos Aires as soon as you can.
Here we select seven reasons. What other reasons would you add to the list?

Beauty of its parks and squares where you can enjoy nature in the middle of town
No shortage of emblematic neighborhoods and attractions that make Buenos Aires an unforgettable city. Nature areas where there are the famous forest of Palermo, Japanese Garden, Botanic, among many other sites where hundreds of locals and tourists gather every day to enjoy walks, sports a matt or a makeshift pinic with family partner or friends.

Food for all

Buenos Aires traditional cuisine has an important gastronomic center, fruit of the contribution of Italian and Spanish immigrants who arrived in Buenos Aires. In addition, Argentina is famous for the excellent quality of their beef, usually grilling, so it is also a good opportunity to enjoy a good barbecue. In addition, the city offers a wide and interesting variety of places to sample the cuisine from around the world.

Gardel, Piazzolla and Tango

Buenos Aires is the world capital of Tango, the sensuous and nostalgic dance that is in close contact with the couple and had among its most renowned interpreters Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla. No shortage of houses tango with shows for tourists, milongas (places to dance tango) or schools where watching or playing this dance.

More than 300 theaters

If anything can boast the City is its very wide range of shows, which makes Buenos Aires is the city with the most intense theatrical activity in Latin America and the fourth most theaters worldwide, such as the Teatro Colon.

Variety of museums

The City also has a wide and rich variety of museums of national and international art, and other housing the most diverse topics, from football museums, shoes and puppets, costumes or even coins.

Go shopping

According to those who visit the city, the shopping malls is one of his favorite activities. There upscale malls, commercial circuits fashion and design as the Palermo Soho Santa Fe Avenue or Florida Street. And for those looking for opportunities to lower prices, fabulous outlets are an excellent choice.


In the city you can visit a lot of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Palermo, San Telmo and Puerto Madero are some of the neighborhoods that offer this type of activity. This nightlife has also made the city was consolidated as one of the favorites in South America for the international LGBT destinations.

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