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Mendoza - puente del inca

Puente del Inca  (Inca Bridge)

Mystic and dazzling, the renowned  Inca bridge of Mendoza carries a full history of legends to explain its strange formation. Located in the Andes Mountains, in the northwest of the province of Mendoza, this rocky bridge protects numerous natural springs where healing waters of between 34 and 38 degrees Celsius arise.

With nearly 50 meters long and 28 wide, the curious geological formation is suspended 27 meters above the River Las Cuevas, hanging her stalactites and ice needles, all of which forms a stunning landscape colored yellow due to the sulfur permanent reception. Under the majestic natural bridge, and to the side of it, a construction protects small pools where water runs mineralized, high therapeutic value, able to petrify any exhibit in its path for some time.

It is considered that the Inca Bridge is named after frequent visits performed to place the natives of this culture, attracted by the healing properties of its waters. Countless legends originated in this belief, they have contributed to the perfection of this site as a leading tourist attraction.

The area also ornamented by traces of a luxurious hotel which was almost completely destroyed by the avalanche that hit the area in 1965. In its heyday, this hotel lies house knew important people who came to enjoy the waters thermal; now it attracts tourists to the traces of its past.

Charming and exciting, the Puente del Inca is a tourist point that no one can fail to admire with your own eyes and feel in their own skin.

From Uspallata, it accessed 83 kilometers Las Cuevas passing on Route 7 to Chile. From there, take the road on the left, another 8 kilometers left at the foot of Christ the Redeemer.

Atuel Canyon

An Oldest geographic feature that the Cordillera de los Andes amaze all tourists in the central-southern region of Mendoza. The beautiful Canyon Atuel unfolds its charm immersed in the most immersive of Argentine whose landscapes. Surrounded by mountain ranges that seem to hide their beauty, the Atuel river rocks shining spear their crystalline and turquoise.

On its banks tourists will find all services for a pleasant stay: hotels, cabins, vacation homes and camping make the abundant hotel offering this earthly paradise. A walk through the Canyon is an excellent alternative to discover the ways the wind and rain are determined to carve on the relief: Wax Museum, armchair Rivadavia, The Lizard, The Old, The Monsters, the Enchanted City, The Beggar , The Hanging Gardens, Monks are some of the most outstanding works of nature.

Ideal for catching the serenity that gives the atmosphere, it is also suitable for lovers of sports and adventure. Options challenging elevations; they go into the rapids; or rise to admire the postcards in all its dimensions, promise an unforgettable and exciting experience.

The Atuel River is internal between the rock formations forming pools invite you to relax; or is released by the hilly terrain causing breaks that accompany its rapid course. Rafting is one of the conveners to pan alternatives; another catamaran rides.

Downstream, the lake formed by Valle Grande Dam and Reservoir Nihuil worth a visit if the goal is to enjoy nautical disciplines: swimming, diving, jet skiing, rowing, power boating, windsurfing are the alternatives call for lovers risk and the aquatic environment. Its rich fish fauna also makes them an excellent choice for sport fishing.

But here the proposals do not exhaust: visitors who come in search of adventure and adrenaline can also satisfy their desires. Wild horseback riding trails; abseiling and climbing, challenging rock faces; canopy, trekking, and even the possibility of observing the landscape from above in a glider, in addition to the abundant this billboard that shows so compelling Mendoza corner.

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