Wine Tasting Tours in Argentina

There are 16 wine roads stretching across 8 provinces, from northern Patagonian Andes to the valleys. They can meet the diversity of flavors and aromas from climate, crop lands and culture so different from each other. This universe of Malbec, Torrontes, Syrah, Chardonnay and other strains, lets you know in each cup over this land, their culture and customs. Come to Argentina Wine Roads await.

tasting wines argentinaWine tasting tour in San Juan
Where the Andes is wider and higher, there is the province of San Juan. The main points of this path are Tulum and the towns of Ullum and Zonda. In this way you can see how the magic of the desert becomes grapes to the sun, the desert and the wind.

Wine tasting tour in Mendoza
Perhaps one of the best combinations of soil, climate and meltwater occurs in Mendoza. The different valleys with subtle differences in climate, water and sunshine between each of them give their wines a distinct and exquisite. Areas of the
Uco Valley, the Great Mendoza, Valle Central and Southern Zone wines are the main references in the region.

Wine tasting tour in Cordoba
In the plain begins to rise toward the mountains of Cordoba, is the dark sun clusters from vines planted those Jesuits around the seventeenth century.

Wine Tasting Tours in Salta
wines argentinaUnder a clear sky and dry weather, nest on the slopes of the valleys Calchaquies wineries and excellent wines. The climate, soil characteristics and the jealous care of its people makes wines are achieved flavors, aromas and colors very representative of the region. The main destinations for wine tourism in the towns of Salta Cachi, Molinos and the famous Cafayate. In these places there is a single varietal in the world: the Torrontés


Wine Tasting Tours in Catamarca cradles Catamarca

El barren landscape green oasis in the valleys and slopes of the hills and mountains. There are several varieties of grapes grown adapted to significant changes in climate arid Andean Puna. The cities of Santa Maria, Fiambalá and Tinogasta are the highlights for your visit to the wines of Catamarca.

Wine tasting tour in La Rioja

Famatima In the Valley, the Sierras de Velazco are the place and refuge for ancient vineyards and wineries. In the region produces wines using modern means but respecting the old practices that have given fame and personality to their products. Populations of La Costa, Chilecito and Villa Union, are the highlights in this traditional path.

Wine Road in Rio Negro
In Upper Rio Negro Valley, with a long tradition producing the most precious apples and pears in the country, arising between the new rows delicately fruity wines of northern Patagonia in bloom. You like to see how the desert grapes becomes highest quality.

Wine Road in Neuquén
The exciting young wines of Argentina are born in Neuquén. It is the last province of this long journey and the southernmost, in Patagonia.
Imagine taste wines that contain all the strength and courage of a harsh land, yet gentle. In San Patricio del Chañar and nearby towns can meet these new exciting wines and geography.

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