The winter season season and vacation packages in Bariloche will be extended

The winter season in Bariloche was started with several vacation packages including full activity with heavy snow. It was officially launched in Río Negro ski resorts and The Ministry of Tourism and the city agreed to extend specific area for seasonally adjusted tourism in the region.
Tourism Minister’s Office, Enrique Meyer, Secretary of the ministry, Daniel Aguilera, received at the headquarters of Mintur the new secretary of Tourism of Bariloche, Fabian Szewczuk, and Under Secretary of the House in Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Carla Goye Frassetto.
During the meeting discussed issues related to tourism planning and joint Mintur Bariloche, the possibility of joint actions to promote tourism and a proposed extension of the winter season and vacation packages for seasonally adjusted tourism in the region.
Meanwhile, in the Andean city, the governor of Rio Black, Alberto Weretilneck, officially launched the season in the ski resorts of the province, Cerro Catedral in Bariloche and Perito Moreno of El Bolson, complex and were enabled to skiers and snowboarders two weeks ago.
The celebration at the Cathedral Hill began the evening at the base of the mountain, in the Plaza Catalina Reynal, with a colorful display of ski and snowboard experts, who stunned audiences with his prowess on straight rails, rolling down a ramp from three meters high.
Vacation Packages to Bariloche Argentina

Vacation Packages in Bariloche in winter:

The show was accompanied by music provided by a disk of the mountain, which also produced a light show, after which there was a musical presentation of the band Mountain Military School.
This was followed by the traditional torchlight parade across the width of the tracks of the ski resort, and at the end there was a fireworks show, while the Army distributed hot chocolate in the audience.
The launch of the season arrives preceded by a week of heavy snow fall, that left a good accumulation of snow of excellent quality throughout the mountain, about a meter at the bottom and two on the slopes of the summit.
This season generated high expectations Cathedral, because it promises a significant recovery from the crisis generated tourist Chilean volcanic eruption last year.
In addition, expectations are pinned on the debut of the new owners of Catedral Alta Patagonia, the concessionaire of the lifts, now in the hands of the carrier Via Bariloche, earlier this year that works in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism of the province to recover lost ground.
Tourism Minister, Angel Rovira Bosch, told Telam that “it is essential that the level recovers Cathedral who became the best ski resort in South America, and become an engine of recovery of Bariloche as one of the main destinations of country “.

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